Lamborghini – Ad Personam la Detroit 2009

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Lamborghini presents highly individualized super sports cars
at the Detroit Auto Show

Sant’Agata Bolognese/Detroit, 11th January 2009 – Alongside the new Gallardo LP
560-4 Spyder, Lamborghini will present two exclusive, highly individualized super
sports cars at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. With a unique, matt-luster paint finish in
matt blue and all available special equipment options, this Murciélago LP 640 and
Gallardo LP 560-4 demonstrate the virtually limitless possibilities and expert
craftsmanship presented through the Ad Personam individualization program by the
specialists in Sant’Agata Bolognese.
"Ad Personam offers every Lamborghini customer the opportunity to acquire a
completely exclusive vehicle from a unique brand – one that is perfectly in tune with
their own lifestyle," says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili
Lamborghini. "A super sports car from Lamborghini is always a fundamental
expression of the buyer’s personality. And that is why the highest levels of
exclusivity are possible, right through to absolute one-of-a-kind Lamborghini

"Think the impossible" is the motto of the Lamborghini individualization program.
Ad Personam offers a host of possibilities to bring a highly individual style to the
exterior and the interior of a Lamborghini – all the way through to a Lamborghini
like no other.

A unique color for a unique design

Both super sports cars presented in Detroit are such highly individualized examples–
painted in matt blue, an all-new, powerful blue tone with a matt-luster finish.
Dressed like this, the Murciélago and the Gallardo are elegant and refined, yet
extremely powerful and dynamic. This is a unique color that fits perfectly to the
unique design of a Lamborghini.

The super sports car brand from Sant’Agata Bolognese is the only auto maker to
have mastered the difficult and complex craftsmanship required to work with the
matt-luster paint finish. Alongside the new matt blue three more colors are
permanently available in the Ad Personam program: Nero Nemesis is a matt-luster
black, while the matt white is called Bianco Canopus; and Marrone Apus refers to
the particularly elegant matt brown finish. In addition, Lamborghini Ad Personam
offers its customers complete freedom to choose any color imaginable.

Luxuriously sporty or classically powerful

In their interiors, too, the highly individualized super sports cars presented in Detroit
provide a clear example of the possibilities offered by the Ad Personam program. The
base color applied to the upholstery of both vehicles is black, with color contrast
supplied by fine diamond stitching in the blue of the exterior paintwork. This is
applied to the seats, door trim, headliner and the steering wheel. The leather
upholstery lends a luxuriously sporty look and feel to the Gallardo LP 560-4.

Furthermore, the Gallardo LP560-4 shows the finest in Nappa leather in color Nero
Perseus which clads not only the seats, cockpit and door trim, but also the pillars and
headliners. Further accents are provided courtesy of individual elements crafted in
carbon fiber. The Callisto wheels are painted in high-gloss black, providing a contrast
to the matt blue paint finish.

The Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 is one of the most fascinating super sports cars
of all time, and underscores this in Detroit with a purist interior finished in Alcantara
® with diamond stitching. Not only are the sports seats upholstered in Alcantara ®,
but also the entire interior, including doors and headliner. The cockpit surround is
finished in carbon fiber. The steering wheel features stitched suede and carbon fiber
inlays. The high-gloss black of the Murciélago’s wheels – in Hermera design – also
delivers the perfect contrast to the matt blue exterior paintwork.

An inexhaustible range

Ad Personam offers an inexhaustible range possibilities for bringing a completely
unique style to the interior and exterior of every Lamborghini. The color and trim
designers from Sant’Agata Bolognese have also created exceptionally exclusive
equipment offerings for the entire product range. The extended leather finish, for
example, enables the allure of the first-class natural product to be raised even
further. Only the very finest quality leathers are used. The seats alone offer infinite
possibilities through a vast range of color options for leather and Alcantara ®, two-
tone contrasts, material mixes, stitching and piping in contrasting colors, as well as
the diamond-stitched pattern of the seat squabs, known as Q-citura.

The exceptionally hi-tech carbon fiber material provides a hint of the racetrack, with
elements such as the control panel for the air conditioning and the hand brake
boasting a carbon fiber finish. Further finishing touches for personalizing the exterior
include an extended range of wheel options and brake calipers in yellow and silver.

Within applicable vehicles, Lamborghini can comply with virtually any customer’s
desire in vehicle individualization. The boundaries are set, however, by Lamborghini’s
own quality demands, which apply to all modifications carried out. When a new
Lamborghini exactly meets personal expectations in terms of colors, materials and
trim, then aesthetic perfection has been achieved.

Standul LamborghiniStandul Lamborghini de la Detroit a fost compus dintr-un 560 Spyder alb flancat de LP640 şi LP560-4 în satin blue, două dintre cele mai noi culori disponibile pe modelele Lamborghini. Deşi sunt nuanţe mate, efectul este garantat iar maşinile, precum se poate vedea şi în poze, nu arată rău deloc. Alte culori disponibile sunt: Nero Nemesis, Marrone Apus şi Bianco Canopus.

În ceea ce priveşte programul de personalizare, acesta poate satisface aproape orice dorinţă a clienţilor. Ca să dăm doar un exemplu, scaunele singurele pot genera mii de variante prin combinaţii de piele cu Alcantara, cusături în orice culori, forme şi dimensiuni plus nuanţe aproape nelimitate. Etrierele pot fi vopsite în argintiu sau galben iar gama de jante este una de asemenea generoasă. Iar toate acestea nu se opresc aici. Citiţi comunicatul de presă pentru mai multe detalii.


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