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Stunning looks coupled with unstoppable 4WD upgrades
make Nissan Patrol new class-leader as Nissan’s ‘Hero of All

Abu Dhabi, UAE (Feb. 13, 2010) – Reliable, unbreakable,
affordable. The Nissan Patrol is a name synonymous with ruggedness,
a legendary off-roader capable of going anywhere, anytime.
Meticulously honed for over five decades, the Patrol is Nissan’s
flagship large SUV model and enjoys a rich heritage particularly in
the Middle East that dates back to the 1950’s. This off-road
trendsetter was one of the first dedicated four-wheel-drive
vehicles in the climatically demanding Middle East region, and
boasts the notable distinction of also being the first vehicle to
successfully cross the grueling Simpson Desert in Australia back in

Under the banner of „The Hero Comes Home” the Patrol is back as
an all-new seventh generation model, building on its impressive
history, but at the same time, incorporating a new platform, a
radical new design direction, significantly enhanced interior
comfort and luxury, powerful new V8 engines, a 7-speed automatic
transmission and a new 4WD system.

„We paid special attention to the needs of current Patrol
owners, and their passengers, and so focused on creating
first-class levels of comfort for the whole family. Heightened
luxury, a roomier cabin and a quieter ride combine to achieve this
goal, while maintaining Patrol’s superior off-road heritage”
stresses Hiroyuki Fushiki, project head and Segment Chief Product

Tested to the limit

Wanting to build the best possible Patrol, engineers first tuned
and tested 200 prototypes for dynamic evaluation at the company’s
Motegi, Oppama and Tochigi proving grounds before sending them to
the Middle East where they were exposed to every imaginable
challenge; desert, rocky surfaces, highways and inner-city traffic.
„By the time we came around to adding the new body and interior, we
had virtually completed our reliability and durability testing and
perfected all of the new technologies,” says chief vehicle
engineer, Takashi Fukui.

New exterior more sophisticated but still

After extensive market research, especially in the Middle East,
the design team concluded that for the Patrol to beat its main
competitors, it needed not only a brand new design direction but
class-leading engine performance, greater luxury and comfort and a
smart mix of new technologies that enhanced the total driving
experience. Product design director, Taiji Toyota, tells us that
the all-new exterior design is like a breath of fresh air. „Not as
edgy and hardcore as its predecessor, the softer new surfaces are
beautiful and add a sense of modernity to the design equation,
while still maintaining a ruggedness and commanding road presence”
he said.

According to the design director, one design element that
expresses ‘Patrol’ and had to feature strongly was the angled-strut
motif front grille. It was meticulously proportioned to deliver a
sense of continuity with past models but give a touch of newness
while enhancing the car’s status level.

Focus on roomier, more luxurious cabin

Featuring generous amounts of leather, polished aluminium and
wood grain paneling, the Patrol’s interior too has been
significantly upgraded. Given that most customers only go off-road
no more than 15% of the time, designers wanted to create a better,
higher quality interior for the whole family.

In keeping with the Patrol’s mission to deliver more comfort and
more room, the new Patrol delivers seat dimensions that outclass
all competition. Boasting wider, higher and deeper front seats, the
Patrol offers over 100mm more legroom for second row passengers,
and a roomier third row of seats as well. Employing double the
lateral rigidity over the outgoing model, the new Patrol sits on a
revised platform that now offers a more robust construction with a
low vibration body.

All-new V8 engine leads array of segment-beating

The new Patrol is now the most powerful vehicle in its class.
And the key technology achieving this jump in performance over the
predecessor’s 4.8 litre power plant is the newly developed ‘VK56VD’
5.6-litre V8 engine with VVEL (variable valve event and lift) and
DIG (direct injection gasoline) technologies that generate 400hp
and 550Nm of torque on the top specification version of this new
Every component has been redesigned for maximum performance and
smooth response, while a new 7-speed automatic transmission with a
wider range of gear ratios than its predecessor, gives the
off-roader the ability to deliver power faster.

Comprehensively upgraded 4WD system sets new

In a world-first for Nissan, the new Patrol employs a Hydraulic
Body Motion Control System (HBMC), which keeps the car flatter with
less body roll during lane-changing and cornering, while delivering
a comfortable ride in city driving and superb stability on rugged
and sandy tracks. Another crucial part of handling equation comes
from the new suspension system, which now employs 4-wheel
independent suspension, upgraded from the previous rigid axle
setup. Nissan has completely redesigned the vehicle’s suspension
from the bushes to the links. The combination of HBMC and the new
suspension system with its longer suspension stroke delivers
significantly improved handling and stability on both on- and
off-road terrain.

The Patrol also employs a newly developed ALL MODE 4×4 system
incorporating a variable 4×4 mode package. It allows the driver to
quickly switch between four drive modes: sand, on-road, snow and
rock, with the flick of a switch. In sand mode, owners are able to
drive safely, quickly and skillfully in sand and dirt, just like
professional rally drivers.

In addition, the Patrol also offers a new Hill Start Assist and
Hill Descent Control which can also be selected easily with the
touch of a button. With Hill Start Assist, if a driver stops on a
slope and steps off the brake pedal, the system keeps the vehicle
stationary – with no roll back. Hill Descent Control uses the
brakes to maintain a constant downhill speed of 7km/h in 4H mode
and 4km/h in 4L mode.

The new model employs a revised Tyre Pressure Monitor System
(TPMS) with tyre inflation indicator which beeps the horn softly to
inform drivers that a suitable tyre pressure has been reached.

A revised, more effective brake system also provides the best
braking performance in its class thanks to its new hydraulic brake
booster and a 4-piston opposed front caliper setup with larger
358mm front discs.

More world-firsts

Nissan designers paid special attention to the second row seat
passengers by not only significantly expanding legroom, but by also
fitting a new multi-screen DVD entertainment system, a first form
Nissan. It boasts two rear-facing TVs; one 7-inch monitor embedded
into each front seat headrest.

Fitted with six airbags for top grade, the Patrol also comes
with a totally revised climate control system boasting another
world-first – the curtain vent. Curtain vent has several small but
highly effective vents mounted in the ceiling above each side
window to blow a strong current of cool air down forming a curtain
of air that acts as a barrier to heat penetrating the cabin.

Yet another impressive Patrol feature is the cool box mounted in
the centre console between the front seats. Incorporating a unique
double hinge design, the lid of the cool box can be opened easily
from either the front or second row of seats to access the six
600ml drink bottles inside.

And lastly…

With its fresh new styling, superior packaging, powerful but
economical V8 engine, clever off-road technologies and higher
levels of luxury and comfort, the all-new Patrol is now a true
segment leader.


Noul Nissan Patrol, altfelRenumele
Nissan Patrol a fost construit în mai bine de 50 de ani, iar,
pentru Orientul Mijlociu, acest model a fost una dintre cele mai
potrivite propuneri, făcând faţă cu brio asprelor condiţii
specifice deşertului. Poate de aceea premiera mondială a
noului Nissan Patrol a avut loc la Abu Dhabi
, primii
clienţi care vor putea comanda noua generaţie fiind cei din
Emiratele Arabe Unite – vezi aici lansarea noului Nissan Patrol
la Abu Dhabi

Cea de-a şaptea generaţie a lui Nissan Patrol aduce un
design schimbat radical, dar şi o nouă concepţie tehnică
noul Patrol devenind un adevărat SUV de categorie mare, la acelaşi
nivel cu Toyota Land Cruiser V8. Pentru a sublinia cât de serios a
fost privit procesul de proiectare a noului model, Hiroyuki
Fushiki, şeful de proiect, a declarat că nu mai puţin de 200 de
modele de preserie au fost testate atât în centrul din Japonia, cât
şi în condiţiile reale din Orientul Mijlociu, pentru a asigura
maşinii de serie durabilitatea şi fiabilitatea care au făcut
celebru Patrolul până acum.

Patrol, masiv, dar modernStudiile
efectuate, mai ales în ce priveşte clientele din Orientul Mijlociu,
au dus la concluzia că noul Patrol trebuie să schimbe direcţia de
design a generaţiei precedente. Astfel, stilul brutal şi aproape
fără compromisuri a fost transformat, căpătând accente clare de lux
şi un look mai familiar şi modern. Totuşi, una dintre
caracteristicile principale ale maşinii rămâne
, iar detaliile care fac trimitere la
capacităţile offroad nu lipsesc.

Principalul element care impune respect şi îi conferă noului
Patrol un look inconfundabil este imensa grilă frontală, care are
şi rolul de a aminti de predecesor. Însă restul elementelor respiră
acum un aer modern şi impunător, făcând din noul Patrol o
propunere clară pentru amatorii de lux

Interiorul lui Patrol este luxosLux
care se regăseşte din plin în interiorul total modificat,
care se inspiră din ceea ce oferă Infiniti, brandul de lux
– de altfel, noul Nissan Patrol urmează să fie
oferit şi într-o versiune de top Infiniti QX56. Habitaclul lui
Patrol stabileşte noi standarde de spaţiu interior şi confort,
fiind garnisit din plin cu piele şi inserţii de aluminiu sau lemn
de esenţă rară. Calitatea materialelor şi a asamblării este acum la
un nivel superior, interiorul făcând uitate compromisurile din
cazul unei maşini de teren clasice.

Faţă de precedenta generaţie, noul Patrol oferă 10 cm
mai mult spaţiu pentru genunchii celor de pe al doilea rând de
, iar al treilea rând oferă acum scaune mult mai
confortabile şi un acces mai facil. De asemenea, rigiditatea
laterală este acum de două ori mai bună, iar nivelul de vribraţii
perceput în interior este mult mai scăzut datorită platformei

Siguranta si confort de topDin
punct de vedere al siguranţei, Patrol este dotat cu şase airbaguri,
iar în ceea ce priveşte confortul, maşina oferă un sistem nou de
climatizare, în timp ce ventilaţia beneficiază de o
inovaţie foarte eficientă: „Curtain Vent”
presupune mici
guri de aerisire deasupra fiecărui geam lateral, prin care iese
aerul rece de la instalaţia de aer condiţionat, formând o barieră
împotriva căldurii razelor solare. În plus, cotiera centrală
ascunde un imens compartiment răcit, care poate primi 6 sticle de
câte 600 ml.

Motorul oferit pe noul Nissan Patrol este un V8 potent,
de 5,6 litri
, care beneficiază de injecţie directă pe
benzină şi de un nou sistem de distribuţie variabilă VVEL. Astfel,
puterea maximă atinge 400 CP, iar cuplul maxim 550 Nm. Transmisia
oferită în combinaţie cu acest propulsor este una automată, cu 7
trepte şi cu un răspuns mai rapid în offroad.

Tehnica peformantaÎn
premieră, noul Nissan Patrol oferă sistemul Hydraulic Body
Motion Control (controlul hidraulic al mişcării
, care minimizează mişcările de ruliu şi
tangaj, mai ales la manevrele bruşte, în timp ce confortul pe
suprafeţele denivelate rămâne la cote foarte înalte. Suspensia este
independentă pe ambele punţi, renunţându-se la punţile rigide ale
generaţiei precedente, ceea ce înseamnă o îmbunătăţire
extraordinară a comportamentului rutier.

Noul sistem de tracţiune integrală ALL MODE 4×4 permite
şoferului să aleagă dintre 4 moduri de funcţionare
: sand,
on-road, snow, rock. În modul „sand”, răspunsul maşinii permite un
stil de conducere aproape de condiţiile de raliu, Patrol
demonstrând o agilitate neobişnuită pentru gabaritul său. Sistemul
4×4 beneficiază şi de modul 4L, care preia rolul reductorului.

Din pachetul de sisteme electronice de asistenţă nu lipsesc:
Hill Start Assist (asistenţa la plecarea în rampă), Hill Descent
Control (asistenţa la coborârea pantelor), Tyre Pressure Monitor
System (sistem de monitorizare a presiunii în pneuri).

Deocamdată, nici un cuvânt despre planurile de
comercializare a lui Nissan Patrol pe alte pieţe
, deci
rămâne în picioare întrebarea dacă vom vedea la Geneva 2010 versiunea
dedicată europenilor.

Noul Nissan Patrol schimba registrul, devenind un SUV de lux cu pretentii

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