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morgan roadster morgan roadster

|ntr-o er= a stelelor NCAP, dot=ri extravagante, CO2 [i performan]e \mbl`nzite cu ajutorul unor diferen]iale blocabile sau programe de stabilitate electronic=, exist= manufacturieri care \nc= \ndr=znesc s= fac= ma[ini cu un aspect nu retro, ci pur [i simplu antic.

Sunt multe persoane care nu ar \n]elege, \ns= tradi]ia este un concept foarte important, mai ales \n cultura automobilistic=. Totul a \nceput odat= cu viziunea lui H.F.S Morgan, n=scut \n 1881, Herefordshire, Marea Britanie [i a ajuns la apogeu \n clipa \n care un propulsor masiv V8 a fost amplasat \ntr-o ma[in= care-i poart= numele cu m`ndrie.

Din p=cate, \n prezent, V8-ul a disparut, fiind \nlocuit cu un V6 de 3.0 litri de origine Ford. Cam aceasta este cartea de vizit= a lui Morgan Roadster, model aflat undeva \ntre a fi o ma[in= veche [i nu foarte “s=lbatic=” [i mult prea impresionanta versiune Aero 8.

Roadsterul este asamblat \n Worcestershire, Anglia, [i pe scurt este o ma[in= lung= de 4010mm, circa 940kg [i capabil= s= ating= 100km/h \n 4.9 secunde. Foarte tare, mai ales atunci c`nd te afli \ntr-un vehicul mai pu]in sigur dec`t cutia \n care vin piesele sale de schimb. Plus, \n lipsa unui garaj sau \n cel mai r=u caz, a unei cur]i interioare, a fi proprietarul unui Morgan Roadster ar fi echivalent cu a-ti l=sa ma[ina ta obi[nuit= \n fa]a sc=rii cu toate geamurile deschise. Nu are nici m=car un imobilizator electronic; groaznic, nu?

Ei bine, nu chiar. Persoanele care \[i comand= o ma[in= de genul acesta nu sunt tocmai impresiona]i de noul t=u… BMW Z4 M. Pentru ei, cel mai important lucru este pl=cerea pur= de a conduce un automobil cu o istorie at`t de bogat= precum un Morgan. Iar acel V6 de 226 cai putere nu este tocmai un motor lipsit de vlag=. V= aduce]i aminte de acele 4.9 secunde? Mai rapid dec`t acel Z4 M, mai rapid dec`t foarte multe Roadstere mult mai conven]ionale [i nu \n ultimul r`nd, mai confortabile.

Dimensions Length : 4010mm

Width : 1610mm (standard wheels) /1720 (optional wheels)

Height : 1220mm

Chassis Chassis Separate Z shaped section with 5 tubular or box section cross members

Colours Royal Ivory, Corsa Red, Indigo Blue, Black and Connaught green. Any single or two-tone combinations from the ICI Autocolour range is available as an option.

Weight Kerb weight, kg (actual dependent on spec.) : 940 (lowline)

Ground clearance (average) (driver and passenger) : 100mm

Max total weight including passengers and luggage : 1400Kg

Fuel Fuel Tank Volume litres/gallons : 55/12

Fuel Consumption : mpg 1/100km

Urban 20.3 13.91

Extra Urban 38.17 7.40

Combined 28.9 9.77

CO2 231.8

Wheels Standard bolt on alloy wheels (5 stud) 6.5" x 15" (205/55/16 tyres)

Optional 100% stainless wire wheels 72 spoke 7" x 16" (205/55/16 tyres)

Steering Turning circle m/ft : 9.75/32

Turns lock to lock : 3 rack and pinion

Steering column : Collapsible safety top section with combined lock

Steering wheel : 15" standard, 14" nco, 16" with offset centre for airbag markets

Transmission Mph/1000 rpm (top gear) : 23.67

Mph at 2500 ft/min, piston speed (theoretical) : 113.6

Final drive ratio : 3.08

Overall gearing in top gear : 3.06:1

Indirect ratios:

1st gear : 4.23

2nd gear : 2.52

3rd gear : 1.67

4th gear : 1.22

5th gear : 1

Reverse : 3.51

Clutch : single dry plate

Rear axle : Tubular live axle with hypoid gears and limited slip.

Suspension Front: Independent sliding pillar with coil springs and gas filled telescopic shock absorbers

Rear: Semi-eliptic leaf springs with gas telescopc shock absorbers

Toe in: 0-3mm or 0-30

Engine Configuration : 3.0 litre V6 24 valve

Bore x stroke (mm) : 89 x 79.5

Engine capacity, cc : 2967

Max output EEC, kw/hp/rpm : 166/226/6150

Max torque EEC, Nm/rpm : 280/4900

Max torque EEC,lb ft/rpm : 206/4900

Power to weight ratio hp/tonne : 240

Torque to weight ratio, lb ft/tonne : 219

Fuel System : min 95 Ron

Electronic fuel injection. Sealed evaproative control system through charcoal canister. Tubular stainess manifolds (headers) to stainless steel twin exhaust with catalysts.

Brakes Front : AP lockhead 4 pot callipers, 28cm/11" disc brakes

Rear : 23cm/9" drum

Operation : Hydraulic dual circuit with servo assistance

Handbrake : Sports "Fly-off" type

Performance 0 - 62 mph (100kph) 4.9 secs

Top speed mph (kph) 134 (215)

Hewn from steel, beaten in aluminium and carved from ash in sleepy Malvern, the trad Morgan range weathers through decades like Nelson in Trafalgar Square.

The legendary Plus 8 is now sadly departed - replaced by a three-litre Ford V6 in the Roadster. Still swift, but lacking that special something that only a lusty V8 can deliver.

But if that isn't to your taste, then perhaps a four-cylinder 4/4 with 114 or 128bhp would prove more suitable. Not a quick car, but it is fun in a pottering-along-the-leafy-lanes kind of way. The company also offers a four-seat version of the 4/4.

Whichever you choose, you'll get ride, steering, handling and in-cabin ergonomics which are more akin to a Thirties roadster than any contemporary car.

That means a hard-riding, vague-steering, wheel-lifting, scuttle-shaking, wind-blown but rewarding experience. It's like driving back in time. If only it could also bring back the traffic levels of the Thirties.

Yes, the wheel may interfere with your legs, the switches and instruments will befuddle and, well... you'll get used to it all in time.

For a more contemporary slant on the Morgan theme, there's the wild Aero 8. With an aluminium monocoque and powered by BMW's superb 4.4-litre V8 engine, there's plenty of oversteer to play with, although the steering could be a tad sharper. It's a mad thing to look at and drive. Hold on tight!

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