BMW Seria 5 F10 – toate datele despre noul BMW Seria 5

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Bespoke Elegance and Sporting Aesthetics

• Dynamic proportions in perfect balance.
• Charismatic front end, elegant side view, muscular rear
• Supreme, modern design with clear orientation to the driver
inside the passenger compartment.

Through its design alone, the new BMW 5 Series Sedan offers all the
characteristics which make a four-door in the upper midsize range
so attractive and – as a BMW – quite unmistakable in this segment.
Charismatic presence and stylish elegance in design clearly bear
out the uncompromising premium quality of the car as well as the
supreme driving comfort this
outstanding sedan has to offer.

The sporting driving characteristics of the new 5 Series are also
rendered authentically by the car’s dynamic lines and athletic
body. Through its bespoke looks the new BMW 5 Series Sedan clearly
stands out from the crowd, convincingly demonstrating its ability
to offer the Sheer Driving Pleasure typical of the brand.

The dynamic proportions of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan are borne out
again in typical BMW style by the long engine compartment lid,
short overhangs, the long wheelbase and the coupé-like, sleek and
flowing roofline. The slight wedge shape of the body accentuates
the sporting, forward-moving character of the new sedan, the new,
particularly concise interpretation of the Hofmeister kick at the
bottom of the C-pillar again in typical BMW style emphasising the
dynamic looks of the car from the side.

The entire silhouette is perfectly balanced, providing a clear
indication of the almost perfect front-to-rear weight distribution
on all engine variants. Measuring 2,968 millimetres or 116.9″, the
wheelbase of the new BMW 5 Series is the longest in the car’s
segment, while the sculptural design again so typical of BMW
provides a smooth flow of lines from the
front along the side to the rear, creating a body where everything
fits together as if out of one mould.

The precise curvature of the body surfaces creates a smooth, calm
and superior impression right from the start. Subtle light and
shadow effects become recognisable only from a shorter distance and
changing perspectives, revealing the three-dimensional character of
the convex and concave chiselled body panels.

Sophisticated details such as design elements in chrome colour with
integrated side direction indicators and the door openers embedded
in the side contour line accentuate the premium standard of the BMW
5 Series Sedan through their outstanding precision.

Charismatic look: clear, concentrated focus with
forward-pushing motion.

Through design features typical of the brand but interpreted in new
style, the expressive front end of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan
convincingly presents the sporting and representative character of
the car. The upright BMW kidney grille even appearing from some
angles to be leaning forward symbolises the forward-pushing motion
of the sedan and, together with
the powerfully flared wheel arches, gives the front end of the car
strong charismatic presence.

Four contour lines sweeping down into the kidney grille split up
the engine compartment lid into individual sections. The two middle
lines come together above the kidney grille, surrounding the BMW
logo. The wide air intake with round foglamps positioned far to the
outside offers a particularly sporting note through its division
into three sections, with two horizontal bars splitting up the air
scoop on either side. These bars extend further on to the inside at
the level of the kidney grille, making the centre section of the
air intake one complete, harmonious unit. Together with the
contours of the air intake rising up to the outside, they emphasise
the sheer width of the front end and guide the view of the beholder
on to the wheel arches.

The headlight units extending far into the side panels likewise
serve to emphasise the width of the car. The light sources
themselves are two cylinder-shaped headlights, with the dual round
headlights cut off at the top by a trim panel creating that
concentrated focus so typical of a BMW.

In conjunction with the optional xenon headlights, the daytime
driving lights incorporate quite unmistakable LED light rings,
while the direction indicators moved far to the outside are made up
of ten LED units each. As a final
highlight, an LED focus light marks the upper end of each headlight

Side view: typical BMW balance of elegance and

In its driving characteristics, the new BMW 5 Series combines
superior agility with outstanding comfort. At the same time the
overall design of the car offers an appropriate balance of
sportiness and elegance particularly clear and convincing from the

Above the striking contour line running along the car at the height
of the door openers, a slightly flared shoulder surface, together
with the coupé-like roofline and the stretched window surface,
gives the glazed section of the passenger cell a light and
stretched look despite its size.

Further down the body concave modelled surfaces create lively light
and shade effects emphasising the sporting character of the sedan.
Greater curvature around the rear wheel arches, finally, bears
clear testimony to rear-wheel drive so typical of a BMW of this

The dynamic lines of the car are further enhanced by the strikingly
compact counter-swing at the bottom of the C-pillar. Featuring the
smallest radius at this point ever to be seen on a BMW sedan, this
re-interpretation of the typical Hofmeister kick underlines the
stretched silhouette of the car and gives the passenger cell a
light and low appearance.

Muscular look at the rear emphasising the sporting
character of the car.

Running parallel to one another, the contour and sill lines rise up
dynamically, the former stretching out from the front wheel arch
all the way to the rear lights to create the elegant and dynamic
look of the car from the side. The sculptural shape so typical of a
BMW established in this way makes the side sections and the rear
end literally flow into one another.

The contour lines continue into the contours of the rear light
clusters and finally come together above the numberplate panel.
Seen from the rear, the new BMW 5 Series Sedan also stands out
through the concave surface between the contour line and the wheel
arches giving the body a distinctly recognisable waist. The flared
wheel arches and the horizontal breakdown of the rear end, in turn,
strongly emphasise the powerful stature of the sedan, the wide
track and the wheels ending flush with the wheel arches further
enhancing this impression.

The L-shaped rear light clusters again reflect the typical look of
a BMW and provide that unmistakable night design. Three rows of LED
lights form the look of homogeneously glowing bodies again quite
characteristic of BMW. And last but not least, the direction
indicators and brake lights also come in LED technology.

Characteristic night design ensured by innovative
lights technology.

Innovative lights technology gives the new BMW 5 Series Sedan a
particularly striking look at night both from the front and from
behind. Both the headlights and the rear light clusters, through
their clear shapes and precisely defined signalling effect,
characterise the new BMW 5 Series Sedan unmistakably as a BMW even
from a distance.

The LED light rings in the dual round headlights also accentuate
the typical look of the brand from the front of the car, this time
in new, even more striking style. The horizontal rows of lights at
the rear extending all the way into the
side panels emphasise the sporting appearance of the car, the
optimised looks and the signalling effect of LED technology at the
same time enhancing the characteristic appearance of the new BMW 5
Series Sedan.

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